Showcasing Lux Suite’s filming, video editing, motion graphics and colour grading work…

Showreel 2014

My latest showreel, showcasing my filming, video editing, motion graphics and colour grading work.

Here is a breakdown of the work you see in the showreel above:

All Lux Suite and Patrick Watkins graphics created by me.

‘North Vietnam’, a short film about the north of Vietnam, shot, edited, graded, mixed by me.

‘Snap Bangkok’, a short film about a photographer in Bangkok, shot, edited, graded, mixed by me.

‘The Spirit of Kung Fu’, a documentary on kung fu shot, edited, mixed, graded and all graphics made by me. It encompasses elements from a series of short films which I produced over the period of a year with Kung Fu movie choreographer Leo Au Yeung, including ‘The Pole’, ‘The Broadsword’, ‘Tiger and Crane Fist’, ‘Wing Chun Knives’, ‘Choi Lee Fut Sup Gee Kyun’, ‘Wing Chun Pole’, ‘Iron Wire Fist’, ‘Hung Gar: Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kuen’ and ‘Wing Chun’.

‘Chart Show Dance Presents Ibiza Summer’, a project where the Chart Show Dance television channel was Ibiza themed for the whole Summer. Our team went out to Ibiza and I shot a whole bunch of links with the presenter, loads of b-roll footage and various other presenter-led countdowns, etc. I then edited all of the footage which we shot, graded, audio mixed and combined with the graphics (which were created by the animation department) so that the footage was all ready for broadcast on national television.

‘Lau Family Hung Kyun’, a short promo film about a particular style of kung fu. Shot, edited, graded, mixed and motion graphics all done by me.

‘Lok & Mai’, a wedding film which I shot and edited back in 2011.

‘Alan The Last Dinosaur’, a television series of short episodes for broadcast on ‘Pop’ a Sky and Freesat channel. I edited all of the episodes, graded and mixed them, ready for broadcast. I also did some of the graphics work (although most graphics were done by the animation department).

‘An Introduction To Wing Chun’. A documentary on Wing Chun which I produced with movie choreographer Leo Au Yeung. I shot, edited, graded and mixed this. I also did all of the motion graphics. This video has proven very popular in the Wing Chun community and is the subject of much debate on YouTube, having received almost half a million views.

‘Annapurna Base Camp’, a short film about my trek in the Himalayas in Nepal to Annapurna Base Camp. I shot this, edited, graded and mixed it.

Time-lapse footage shot by me in London, Thailand, Laos, Nepal and Vietnam, plus various other footage I shot in the UK, China, Myanmar, and other parts of Asia.

Various other television work I have done is interspersed in the showreel. I have worked with the following UK television channels: Chart Show, Chart Show Dance, Scuzz, Flava, Bliss, The Vault, Tiny Pop, Pop, Pop Girl, Kix, True Movies 1, True Movies 2 and True Entertainment. I have shot and/or edited a huge number of interviews and red carpet specials for some of the channels (mainly music) listed above. Artists/celebrities such as N.E.R.D (Pharrell Williams), One Direction, Craig David, Jared Leto, Jedward, Slipknot, Dizzee Rascal, Ed Sheeran, Girls Aloud, The Wanted, Paloma Faith, Bruno Mars, Jessie J, Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Iggy Azalea, Katy Perry and a load more.
I have also been to many music festivals, shooting interviews, vox pops and GVs/b-roll to then produce full length festival programmes for broadcast on national television where I have seen all the way through to broadcast. Festivals such as the Download Festival (biggest rock festival in the UK), Sonisphere, Wireless Festival and some other smaller festivals as well.
I have also worked on the True Movies and True Entertainment channels to create a number of movie trailers and promos. I worked on the kids channels listen above to work on a whole bunch of kids programmes. I shot and helped out on shoots, I edited and I graded, I audio mixed and did the motion graphics for countless numbers of shows/interviews/promos, etc. Due to all of this experience, I am a proficient editor when it comes to applying myself to many different styles of project…be it long or short form programmes, interviews, promos, competitions, idents, graphics, titling, a bit of everything.