Here are some of the latest creations to come from the man known as Patrick Watkins AKA Lux Suite…

Sunset Muay Thai

This is the story of Phi Poong – a 62 year-old man from Phuket, Southern Thailand who currently lives in a small village in Nong Khai, Northern Thailand.

He dreams of setting up a Muay Thai boxing gym in Nong Khai to combat the boredom he faces whilst living in the village.

I met Phi Poong whilst travelling in Thailand and thought that he was a most interesting character, and so decided to make this short film about his story. Unplanned and filmed ‘run and gun’ style in the space of 1 and a half days.

Shot on a Panasonic GH4, with time-lapse footage shot on a Canon 60D.

Ink’d In Asia

It is a rare occasion when I am in front of the camera. But this is an exception.

When I left the UK in October 2013, I had just one small tattoo of a moustache on my left index finger. Throughout my travels in Asia, I decided to embark on a tattoo journey where I got a new tattoo in every single country I visited. Some pretty interesting/crazy experiences were had.

This is the story of my journey!

Thanks so much to Saigon Ink for letting me film in their studio. If you are in Ho Chi Minh and are thinking about getting a tattoo, this really is the ONLY studio you need check out. Full of amazing artists and just really nice, genuine, friendly people.

Skate Saigon

Filmed in a the space of about an hour with my good friend Leon in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I have been wanting to film some skateboarding for a while and whilst out in Vietnam I had the opportunity with Leon and so I ended up creating this short film. The skating isn’t at professional level but I wanted to capture the element of fun and also to entertain and engage the viewer. I would absolutely love the opportunity to work with some professional level skateboarders. If you know any companies looking for filmmakers in Asia, get in touch!

North Vietnam

This video was taken whilst riding through north Vietnam on a motorcycle (No, not a Honda Win!). We started in Ha Giang and made a loop over the course of a week heading north towards Lung Cu, the northernmost point in Vietnam (right next to the border with China), through the towns of Dong Van and Meo Vac and back again.

Without doubt the north of Vietnam has some of the most stunning scenery I have ever seen in my life, and I would highly recommend the trip to any travellers in Vietnam who are looking to get off the tourist track (think Sapa without all of the backpackers, and without the locals constantly trying to sell you stuff). The people who live in these parts are all very friendly, and because none of them speak any English you’ll have fun playing charades just to order something to eat!

The Spirit of Kung Fu

I worked with Sifu Leo Au Yeung (choreographer for the Ip Man movies) to create this film. The Spirit of Kung Fu is an introduction to a number of different kung fu styles including:

Wing Chun
Hung Gar
Choi Lee Fut
Tiger and Crane
Iron Wire Fist
and many more…

The video showcases form demonstrations, application examples (including weapons) and also a history of each style.

I am not a martial arts practitioner myself, but once I was introduced to these styles I knew that I wanted to make a film about them. I wanted especially to make people aware of martial arts styles which they may not have realised even existed, because without an interest or a willingness to learn, these art forms which have been perfected over generations may die out forever. And that would honestly be a real shame.

Annapurna Base Camp

A short film of my trek in the Himalayas to Annapurna Base Camp. With no tripod, being constantly on the move and with cold hands, it wasn’t always easy but it was lots of fun!

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